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1. Seminar held at the same time with the exhibition

As the organizing sides of this exhibition, China Fiber New Material Industry Association, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association Information Center, China Textile Academy, Productivity Promotion Center of Textile Industry, Weaponry Industry Society of China, and Flame Retardant Society of China, etc. will be responsible for the organization of "The 2020 China (Shanghai) International New Fibers and Chemical Fiber Technology and Equipment Exhibition" and the seminars of new fiber and chemical fiber industry development held within the same period.

The organizing units will hold a series of product seminars sponsored by the companies among the new fiber and chemical fiber industries in 2020 exhibition. The participating units have the priority of sponsorship. Some companies can put forward their own sponsoring forms and report contents and shall provide relevant documents. Each sponsor can determine the number if invited audiences by themselves. The max capacity of a seminar is 120 people.

2. Charging standards

Foreign enterprises: $ 2,000/seminar; domestic enterprises: RMB 10,000/seminar; Time: 60 minutes/seminar
(Note: less than 60 minutes will be treated as one seminar. Those who need to hold the seminars please fill in the registration form)

3. Services for exhibition

◆ Invite the domestic and foreign enterprises in the industries of fiber and new chemical fiber materials and related enterprises and the professional audiences to participate in this exhibition;

◆ Make wide publicity of this exhibition through television, newspapers, Internet, media and magazines;

◆ Invite government departments, professional organizations and news agencies to participate in the exhibition and make reports for the exhibition;

◆ Assist the exhibitors to transport exhibits, rent tools and reserve hotels and other things.

The organization units warmly welcome the domestic and foreign enterprises to join the exhibition!


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 Transportation And Hotel

National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai)......



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