Today is It's days from the opening CFMTE 2021.
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The predecessor of CFMTE is the "International Chemical Fiber Products Purchase Ordering Meeting", which has been successfully held for eight times under the hosting of Chinese Fiber New Materials Industry Association and China Chemical Fiber Industry Association Information Center together with relevant government departments in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai since 2005. It not only enhanced the international image and state of the host cities, but also played an role of industry product show and promotion, especially of bringing both the domestic fiber new material enterprises and chemical fiber enterprises to directly conclude and sign a large number of trade contracts with the overseas users, which was praised by the host governments and the participating companies.

It has been proved at home and abroad that fiber new materials and chemical fiber new technology equipment (including high-tech fibers and fiber reinforced composites) has become an important branch of high-tech industries. On the one hand, it provides high-tech fiber materials with excellent service performance and physical protection and health care functions for human; on the other hand, it could also provide engineering construction materials with excellent performances and functions for energy and environmental engineering, military and aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, building engineering of construction materials, agricultural engineering, industrial and traffic engineering and other fields according to relevant industry requirements. The development of fiber new materials not only affects the textile industry, but also has great impacts on the development of science and technology, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of relevant fields of our national economy and the fields of energy, resources, environment and ecology, and has important strategic significance to national economy, national security and improvement of people’s life.

Facing new competitions and severe competition environment both at home and abroad, our textile chemical fiber industry including high-the fiber materials industry steps into key period of transformation and upgrading from large producer to technology power, thus further breaking the bottleneck of high-tech fibers, accelerating structural adjustment, strengthening energy saving and emission reduction, environment-friendly circular economy, and speeding up the industrial three-dimensional upgrading of science, industry and business become to be the key to promote scientific, efficient and sustainable development of chemical fiber industry, and the contents of current and “Twelfth Five Year Plan” medium and long term development plan as well.

Relating to strengthen “textile”, strengthen “the army” and strengthen “the nation”, high-tech fibers are the key materials to support the development of national high-tech industries, and the material basis to promote all kinds of high-tech functional textiles and advanced synthesis of new materials. They are also concentrated reflections of a country’s high-tech level, the weak link of the development of our chemical fiber industry, and also significant tasks to break the international blockade and to promote the independent innovation capacity. In order to promote industry integrated innovation and review the development results of China’s fiber new materials, especially high-tech fibers, the exhibition organizes “2020 China “Shanghai” exhibition International fiber new materials and chemical fiber new technology” in order to further promote special requirements of China’s fiber new materials and chemical fiber new technology equipment, to strengthen the technological exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad and to provide a platform for exchanges and exhibition.

Review of Exhibitors of Last Session

Exhibitors: USA GOVMARK, Americhem, Germany BUDENHEIM, OERLIKON BARMAG, BURNBLOCK, Zschimmer & Schwarz Chemicals, Kaneka Corporation, TOYOBO, Weniden Tech Taiwan China, Southern-futex, Exindex Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel, and the domestic companies as follow: Guangdong charming, Huaxin Holding, Shenzhen Zhongsheng, Shanghai Xinxian, Nantong Huasheng, Jilin Chemical Fiber, Xiake Huanbao, Xuzhou Silk, Ningbo Lihe, Hangzhou Hanbang, Jiangyin Jinyan, Zhangjiagang Xinxin, Yizheng Yingwei Chemical Fiber, Hangzhou Benma, Sinopec Shanghai, Huvis-Yongsheng, Jiangsu Ruitai, Shanghai Pacific Textile Complete Equipment, Changzhou Spinneret Works, Wenzhou Yufeng, Donghai filter machine etc; at the same time they also represent the latest development trend of new technologies and new products in the international fiber new material industry.

We sincerely invite the domestic and foreign fiber and chemical fiber enterprises to join this exhibition!

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