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Direction of China Plastics Industry Foreign Trade--News center
Direction of China Plastics Industry Foreign Trade
Source:EMPC  Date:2016/11/5  1908

Had among the ranks of the world's plastic industrial countries China, the development of plastics industry chain has been integrated with the global plastics industry, as well as by China is booming, driven by the huge consumer market, China's plastics industry chain towards the key areas of import and export become the industry's focus of attention.

Products: export value-added products remain to be improved

According to China's General Administration of Customs statistics, in 2008 China's import and export of plastic products amounted to 38.84 billion U.S. dollars of trade, up 12.6% year on year growth rate down 2.6 percentage points a trade surplus of 14.98 billion U.S. dollars. Among them, total exports of 26.91 billion U.S. dollars, up 15.5%, accounting for 8.7% of total exports of light industry, light industry, ranking sixth. Export promotion policies are beginning to show. From Guangzhou Customs was informed that, November 1, 2008 the State Tax of plastic products, most of the export tax rebate rate to 9%, the exports of plastic products play a catalytic role. In November and December last year, Guangdong, plastic products exports hit new single-month high, respectively 650 million and 8.1 billion U.S. dollars, a substantial increase of 30% and 53.49%

Situation from the industry as a whole: in December 2008 appeared to stabilize the export of plastic products, and signs of a slight pick-up, data show that 1-year increase in exports in September dropped 2.9 percentage points from January to December to a small increase in 0.66 percentage points, indicating that some plastic products, the export tax rebate rates have increased, on the positive role of exports of plastic products are becoming apparent.

Since March of this year, exports of plastic products each month there are signs of recovery, in March China exported 516,000 tons plastic products exports amounted to 1.134 billion U.S. dollars, the chain grew 65,4% and 73.77%; April plastic products exported 555.8 thousand tons the amount of 1.21 billion U.S. dollars, growth of 11.9%

Growth of total imports of plastic products, while imports growth rate continued to fall, last year China imported a total of plastic products amounted to 11.93 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 6.6%, while the growth rate down 9.3 percentage points higher than the same period.

In recent years, China's exports of plastic products from the processing has begun to gradually extend to the general consumer, but the value is still low, from the perspective of 2007, average unit price of exports of plastic products for 2250 U.S. dollars / tons, import average unit price of 6491 U.S. dollars tons, import price the export unit price of 2.88 times. On the other hand also shows that China's domestic demand for high-tech products, required imports.

Segments from the product perspective, plastic pipe applications have obvious advantages, market development prospects, the current processing capacity of the whole industry has been more than 5 million tons. In 2008, China plastic pipe fittings production 4.5934 million tons, an increase of 28.189% plastic pipe exports amounted to 356.3 thousand tons, an increase of 22.21%, exports 1.002 billion U.S. dollars, up 31.15%; imported 40.8 thousand tons, down 10.38 %, imports amounted to 470 million U.S. dollars, up by 4.94%

China synthetic leather artificial leather production line and production has accounted for two thirds of world production. Leather synthetic leather exports financed 20 countries around the world last year, export 30 million tons, export 1 billion U.S. dollars to maintain years of continuous growth situation.

Bi-oriented polystyrene (BOPS) sheet industry is currently capacity 62,000 tons, in addition to domestic use 1 million tons, the currently available through international markets and the remaining 5 million tons of total exports.

In 2008 China's annual production of plastic shopping bags, about 250 million tons, of which exports about 90 million tons, up 37.5 billion yuan output value. Since June 1, 2008 limiting the plastic to make the country since the industry as a whole are moving standards, environmental protection and the direction of change.

The import of waste plastic plastic products imports are also an integral part of the 2008 imports of waste plastics 7.075 million tons, up 16.7%.

Plastic Machinery: fast-growing, but still the biggest trade deficit high

According to the National Statistics Bureau and China Customs import and export statistics, in 2008, the Chinese plastic machinery industry achieved 26.006 billion yuan of total industrial output, up 14.08 percent, higher than China's GDP more than five percentage points; annual sales output value for the 24.605 billion yuan, an increase of 11.529%; 23.842 billion yuan sales income people, an increase of 9.139%; export delivery value of 10.6 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 3.139% total profit of 1.583 billion yuan, down 15.869 % On the whole, in addition to a noticeable decline in the profit target, the other economic indicators are still more than the previous year and maintained a steady and rapid growth momentum and achieve the new century, 8 consecutive years of rapid growth.

Although the impact of the international financial crisis and India's leap in anti-dumping impact injection molding machines, China's exports of plastic machinery in 2008 are still performing well, still maintained a rapid growth momentum, the annual export delivery value of 10.6 billion U.S. dollars, Since the new century export a single year. Followed by the export destination: Japan, China Taiwan Province, Germany, Korea, the United States, Canada, India, Austria, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Thailand, the Russian Federation, more than 120 countries and regions.

In 2008, Chinese imports of plastic machinery amounting to approximately 2.014 billion U.S. dollars, a decrease of 811 million U.S. dollars, but also to change the presses China for the first time, imports continued to rise year. The catchment of imports were: Taiwan, Japan, Germany, South Korea leap, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, France and other countries and regions.

Although China has become a large exporter of plastic machinery, export volume and value year after year show substantial growth trend, however, China still imported from abroad, a large number of mid-range plastic machinery, especially imports than exports, the situation is very prominent, and only Last year, exports of imports almost doubled, with annual output of China Plastic Machinery and export the world's first great power does not match the identity, the industry must speed up changes in the passive situation.

Synthetic resin: Consumer significant increase in the export decline

2008 China's apparent consumption of synthetic resin reached 51.914 million tons, up 13.40 percent; of these production rose 1.82%, almost unchanged from the previous year; imports grew 22.8%, export volume dropped by nearly 30%, indicating that the ^ plastic?? market consumption, stable growth, stability, driving international demand situation has not changed. But we also can see that the international financial crisis on China's consumption structure of plastic raw materials have a profound impact, five general-purpose resin production in addition to a slight decline in growth to both its quantity and apparent consumption volume of imports showed a downward trend.

Additives: Consumer increasing demand to enhance

2008 Chinese plastic additives consumption of 273 million tons. According to China's plastic to help agents special committee investigation and analysis, due to consumer demand, consumption reduction, antioxidant, light stabilizer plate will continue to reduce production and marketing.

In 2009 and 2008 from January to June compared to the direct export-oriented antioxidant, light stabilizer business and will be antioxidant, light stabilizer sold to the export of plastic products business, production and sales volume is expected to reduce 20% -40%; for the Domestic general consumption-based antioxidant, light stabilizer business, production and sales volume is expected to reduce 10% -30% is expected to the first half of 2011, domestic antioxidant, light stabilizer, the average monthly sales of businesses can be restored to 2008 in the first half level. The second half of 2011, domestic antioxidant, light stabilizer, the average monthly sales of businesses began to increase, representing an increase of about 10%.

China's plastics industry has been among the major powers in the world's advanced ranks of plastic, the overall advantages of gradually upgrading the sacred mission is to make the plastic processing machinery ranked first in the world, from the design of advanced manufacturing country to become self-development power; to make plastic synthetic resin production , plastic products processing are ranked second in the world rely heavily on imported resin by gradually turned into the basis of domestic production of many varieties to meet market demand; 10 million tons by the processing of a few products to have more independent intellectual property rights of the Chinese brands of industries, so that the plastics industry by leaps and bounds, take concrete actions to revive the plastics industry.

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